Download Guidelines for FAURECIA European / Asian / South American plants

Communication parameter sheet

FCS parameter sheet Compulsory to fill and forward to Faurecia EDI administration ( prior to any technical action to begin.

Logistic flows, Procurement

DELFOR D96A Delivery Instructions and Forecasts for levelled and non-levelled process. November 24, 2017
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DELJIT D96A Delivery Just-in-Time for levelled process. Manifest. version 4.0 date November 24, 2017
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LABEL REQUIREMENTS Label requirements for levelled procurement, version 1.0 date December 17, 2014



Logistic flows, ASN from Supplier

DESADV D96A Despatch advice message from Supplier. Required for levelled and non levelled procurement.  January.12, 2018

Financial flows

INVOICE D96A Invoice from Supplier to Faurecia. November 24, 2017
INVOICE D96A Self billed Invoice from Faurecia to Supplier. June 04, 2013

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