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You can check here what ERP system the manufacturing plant is using

Guidelines Per FAURECIA Division ERP

Communication parameter sheet

Supplier parameter sheet Compulsory form to fill and forward to Faurecia EDI adminstration ( prior to any technical action to begin.

Logistic flows, Procurement

Both standards EDIFACT D96A and EDIFACT D97A could be managed.


Delivery Instructions and Forecasts for levelled and non-levelled process. November 24, 2017
›› Sample levelled procurement

›› Sample non-levelled procurement

DELJIT D96A Delivery Just-in-Time for levelled process (Daily shippment schedule). Version 4.0 date November 24, 2017
›› Sample

Delivery Instructions and Forecasts for levelled and non levelled process. November 30, 2018

›› Sample levelled procurement

›› Sample non-levelled procurement


Delivery Just-In-Time for levelled process (Daily shippment schedule), version 4.0, date May 11, 2018

›› Sample


Label requirements for levelled procurement, version 1.0, date December 17, 2014

Logistic flows, ASN from supplier

DESADV D96A Despatch advice message from Supplier. version 3.2, date November 30, 2018
DESADV D97A Despatch advice message from Supplier, version 6.2, date November 30, 2018

EDI Specifications for Carriers & Logistics

X12 204 004010 Transportaion order request for FCS plants. March  15, 2019
This transaction set can be used to allow shippers or other interested parties to offer (tender) a shipment to a full load (truckload) motor carrier including detailed scheduling, equipment requirements, commodities, and shipping instructions pertinent to a load tender.

Web EDI Vendors

If you are not capable of doing traditional EDI, Faurecia is partnered with Covisint. Covisint’s Supplier Connection application is provided for all North America plants (US, CA, MX). It is not recommend for vendors with high volume. To sign-up for this service, please contact our EDI Clearing Center (