Where can I find the EDI Specifications?

Please check first what ERP system (Legacy or FCS) is using the Faurecia manufacturing plant you wish to communicate with. This will determine the required EDI specifications version.

Faurecia North America manufacturing plants, including Mexico, that are using the Legacy ERP system require EDIFACT D97A.

Faurecia NA plants migrated to FCS ERP (Faurecia Core System) system support EDIFACT D96A and D97A.

Faurecia NAO Global EDI specifications can be found at http://edi.faurecia.com/guidelines/north-america/Pages/default.aspx

EDIFACT D96A EDI specifications are the same as the Common guidelines for European and Asian plants

What is LISA and what are the EDI Specifications?

LISA is a process developed and defined by Faurecia Corporate. It is used to level load the Supplier’s releases and prepare the shipping manifest. The LISA DELJIT (leveled) will match your manifest.

The EDI specifications for LISA EDI will have the word “leveled” in the specification name.

Will an Advanced Shipment Notice (ASN) be required?

Only non-leveled suppliers must send an ASN for each shipment to Faurecia.

Leveled suppliers don't need to send ASN flow.

What is my Supplier ID?

Also kown as Supplier code or Vendor code.

This information will be found in the DELFOR D96A in segment  RFF+ADE and in DELFOR D97A in segment NAD+SU. It can also be found on the Purchase Order or Contract provided to the Supplier.

What is the Seller code?

The seller code will be found in DELFOR in segment NAD+SE.

Typically, this will be your Duns & Bradstreet number (DUNS#), or EDI sender/receiver code.

My company currently exchanges EDI with other Faurecia sites. Do I need to return the form?

Yes. Faurecia is retaining the EDI forms returned from suppliers.

What do I need to complete in the EDI Form?

Complete the Yellow Cells that apply. View the comments that are in some of the cells for clarification.

In order to setup the EDI communication we need the following which should be indicated in the Parameter Sheet:

  • the supplier code issued by Faurecia
  • the contact information
  • the vendor’s DUNS number (EDI sender/receiver code)
  • if EDI capable, the EDI standard ( EDIFACT D96A or D97A) you need to exchange
  • if not EDI capable, select the Supplier Connection (WEB-EDI) option
  • the vendors EDI sender receiver code and EDI VAN
  • the Faurecia location that the vendor is to be setup for EDI with
My company has a formal process for approving costs, mapping, interfacing, etc. When do we have to have EDI in place?

This is determined by Faurecia Purchasing or the Faurecia plant. The EDI team is responsible for the communications setup. Please check with your Faurecia Purchasing or Faurecia Plant contact regarding these type of questions before contacting theFaurecia EDI team for setup.

If my company does not have enough business with Faurecia NA to justify the expense of EDI, what do we do?

Covisint has a web EDI service called Supplier Connection where suppliers can download their releases and send ASNs. Contact Covisint for more information regarding this solution.

Information about Covisint Connect (Traditional EDI) or Covisint Supplier Connection (web EDI) can be found at:http://www.covisint.com/services/messaging

What is the difference between Leveled and Non-Leveled suppliers?

Leveled supplier (LISA): Leveled supplier will receive a DELFOR D96A and DELJIT D96A. The data is net based and for each manifest (truck) a DELJIT message will be generated. So, if one supplier has ten trucks for the day, he will get ten DELJIT messages.

Non-Leveled supplier (Non-LISA): Think of this as standard DELFOR D96A/D97A in cumulative format. Non-Leveled suppliers will NOT receive a DELJIT but only a DELFOR D96A. They MUST send back an ASN for each shipment.

If you have NOT been asked to be a LISA supplier or you haven’t heard of LISA, you are NOT a Leveled supplier.

If you need to confirm, please check with your Faurecia Purchasing contact. The EDI team will not know this information. Unless informed otherwise, the default EDI setup will be as Non-Leveled.

Can my company setup a direct ISDN connection for OFTP between my company and Faurecia North America sites?

No. Faurecia currently uses a VAN provider for EDI traffic (COVISINT). Faurecia connects to Covisint for exchanging Customer/Supplier EDI. Of course if your company uses a different VAN, an interconnection can be established between your VAN and Covisint.

My company was previously setup for EDI with Faurecia, but has been recently discontinued. Do I still need to setup EDI?

Yes. If you are a supplier for Faurecia and have received one of the forms for EDI, you will need EDI communication with Faurecia.

We are currently a trading partner with Faurecia, the memo indicates that you are changing to FCS, and has included your EDI specification. Since we outsource our EDI programming could you please tell me have your standards changed?

The Faurecia North America sites that use the Legacy ERP system require D97A only.

The Faurecia North America sites using the new ERP system FCS will support the EDIFACT D96A or D97A standard. The Faurecia EDI Global Standard is EDIFACT D96A.

My company (or my company’s EDI vendor) has D97A and you show version D96A as the standard Faurecia NA version. Can we use D97A?

You can use D97A if you are currently setup with EDI to Faurecia NA using D97A.

However, if you are not currently a Faurecia NA trading partner, it is encouraged that you setup EDI with Faurecia NA using the D96A standard.

We currently only use EDI through our customers at their request and on their systems (free of charge). What will this cost my company for setting up EDI and how would I go about it?

If your company is not currently EDI capable, you should be able to use Covisint Supplier Connection (web EDI). Faurecia currently takes care of the setup costs. However, in the future there may be a $50/$60 month charge to your company for this service.

For traditional/standard EDI, it could vary with the EDI service provider. There will be setup, mapping, and transactional charges. Faurecia currently uses Covisint for our EDI VAN/EDI service.

Are the due dates in the DELFOR Delivery date based or Shipment date based ?

The dates in the DELFOR messages from Faurecia sites using the FCS ERP system are delivery based not shipment based.

The dates in the DELFOR messages from Faurecia sites using the Legacy ERP system are shipment based.

This is also noted in the BGM segment with code DL for delivery based or SH for shipment based.

What value should I load in the NAD+SU or NAD+SE segment of the DESADV?

The DELFOR D96A has the supplier code/vendor code value in the RFF+ADE segment.

The DELFOR D97A has the supplier code/vendor code value in the NAD+SU segment.

For the ASNs (DESADV) to Faurecia, vendors need to make sure they have put the correct supplier code/vendor code in the NAD+SU segment of the DESADV D97A or in the NAD+SE segment of the DESADV D96A.

It should be the same value that was sent in the DELFOR.

Do I have multiple Purchase Orders or only one?

Suppliers that ship to Faurecia NA sites that use the Legacy ERP system will most likely have one PO to cover all the part numbers.

However, suppliers that ship to Faurecia NA sites that use the FCS ERP system will have multiple POs (also called Schedule Agreements). These Schedule Agreements begin with the number 55 and they are different for each part number that is supplied to the Faurecia site.

Whether the supplier has one PO or many, the DELFOR that is sent from the Faurecia site will contain the correct PO and the PO line number in the RFF+ON segments.

The PO Contracts that are manually sent (not sent via EDI) to the suppliers from Faurecia NA sites that use the FCS ERP system begin with “46”. This is NOT the PO that is sent in the DELFOR and it is NOT to be sent in the DESADV.

What value should be sent in the RFF+ON segment of the DESADV?

The values that should be sent in the RFF+ON segment of the DESADV are the same values that are sent in the RFF+ON segments of the DELFOR.

The POs (Schedule Agreements) begin with the number 55 and they are different for each part number that is supplied to the Faurecia site. The PO (Schedule Agreements) line numbers are also sent in the DELFOR.

These values should be sent in the DESADV RFF+ON segment.

The PO Contracts that are manually sent (not sent via EDI) to the suppliers from Faurecia NA sites that use the FCS ERP system begin with “46”. This is NOT the PO (Schedule Agreement) that is sent in the DELFOR and it is NOT to be sent in the DESADV. The PO Contract number is not sent in any EDI document.