• Work on Faurecia IT Infrastructure. November Operation Postponed


    Dear customers,

    The activities on Infrastucture previously announced from Saturday 21st to Sunday 22nd of November will be postponed to a later date.

    Therefore, our SAP systems will not be stopped and ASN will be generated and forwarded to our business partners as usual.

    Thank you by advance for your understanding.

    Faurecia EDI Competence Center

  • Work on Faurecia IT Infrastructure. Stop of Central systems on November 21st – 22nd


    Dear customers,

    Important activities on Infrastucture will be performed in Faurecia Datacenters from Saturday 21st of November 2pm to Sunday 22nd of November 6 pm CET.

    During that period our SAP systems will be stopped and hence no ASN will be generated neither forwarded to our business partners.

    ASN for potential deliveries done during the downtime period will  be sent  when system will be restarted on November 22nd after 6pm CET.

    Please note that our EDI central server is not impacted and will remain open. So we will be able to continue to  receive files as usual. Integration of them will be delayed during SAP downtime.

    We can send to you the concerned supplier codes if needed.

    We apologies by advance about this disturbance.

    Faurecia EDI Competence Center

  • Guideline DESADV D96A v.2.0 A miskeying was corrected


    A miskeying in page 23, in description of Data Segment NAD, Seller Name and Address, could lead to misinterpretation. It was corrected.

  • New version 3.0 of the message EDIFACT DELJIT D96A Manifest


    Faurecia has published a new version 3.0 of the guideline for the message EDIFACT DELJIT D96A Manifest.

    It describes the new version of this message, which is currently being deployed.

    The Suppliers will be informed with adequate notice. Until then the previous version 2.1 of the guideline applies.

    Basically, the new version of the Manifest message contains enhanced information, allowing the Supplier to generate the transport labels from its own system.

    Since the structure of the message remains globally the same, we trust that, at Supplier's end, the application designed to integrate the previous version can process the new version without difficulties.

  • DESADV D97A New guideline is published


    A new version of the guideline is available for the message DESADV D97A.

    Suppliers are mandated to send all three DTM dates: Despatch date/time, Arrival date/time, estimated and Document date/time.

  • DELFOR D96A New version of guideline is published


    A new version of the guideline is available for the message DELFOR D96A, for the non levelled process.

    New feature, ability to send requirement with ship-by dates.

  • End of use of HP7 ISDN number


    Old ISDN number of Faurecia European Central EDI Server (+33 4 67 65 04 71) will be turned down on March 3rd, 2014.

    If you are using this number, please inform immediatly

  • End of use of Aubervillers ISDN number


    ISDN number of Faurecia European Central  EDI Server (+33 (0) 1 41 61 10 30)  will be completly stopped by the end of December 2012.

    To continue exchanging EDI messages with Faurecia Plants in Europe via ISDN, please  change the number immediatly to  +33 (0)1 64 49 10 08

    This will be the only valid ISDN number for Faurecia European EDI central Server begining of January 2013.

  • End of use of Frankfurt ISDN number


    ISDN number of Frankfurt +49 69 780 768 27 will be down the 09/03/12. If you are using this number, please inform

  • New ISDN number for BIS6 Europe


    ISDN number of BIS6 Europe has been changed to +33 (0)1 64 49 10 08

    From now on, please use the number above on your EDI configuration to continue exchanging EDI messages with Faurecia plants in Europe.